It’s All In The Bun! [Dave’s Dogs]


Sometimes, when indulging that little voice in your gut (Feed me, Seymour!), you can happen across an eatery (often out of desperation and lack of options) that completely surprises you. Thus began my obsession with Dave’s Dogs.

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In The Sauce [Milo’s Burgers]

Hello, burger-loving internets. This is an inaugural post by BurgerJedi (a.k.a. HexiJosh), documenting his forced endeavor into negating that brand new gym membership.

So let’s say you live in the godforsaken state of Alabama, a place where football is second only to Jesus and Ford pickups (trucks and religion seem to coincide. Go figure) and you’re hanging around, looking for a burger place, but aren’t really keen on setting foot inside the local dive with too many lights out in the sign just yet. Well, you might like to venture into the nearest Milo’s.

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A burger is just a sandwich…

A burger is just a sandwich, right? And what’s a sandwich without ham…

Being as I am still in Peru and we just started this blog, I thought I would try and eat as many burgers as I could take while abroad.

Enter the “hamburgeusa mixto” at the restaurant “Manjares.” A very thin patty of what I can assume is beef, a slice of ham, a white cheese (not sure on the type, not much flavor), lettuce, and chip fries (fries that are chip but taste like fries…) sans the condiments between a toasted bun. Continue reading

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“Just scrape off the mustard, stupid!”

So this is the first official post of our blog, “Burger Queens” (insert jazz hands and sparkles here).

As you can tell from my username, I love my hamburger plain and dry. Why? Well, because I think that you can tell the character of a hamburger by the quality of beef and bun, the meat-to-bun ratio, and so on. I don’t think we, by any means other than being fatties, are conoisseurs. Amidst our whale calls one night, our songs were in creative unison as we decided we would throw our weight into the ring of burger blogs.

So here we are… What can we promise you? Nothing but the fabulous (or bitchy) truth about the food we eat. We will bare parts of our souls unseen to even our closest friends. So love us, and we will (probably) love you!

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